Cereal Killa [DJ Monumental JP Tour & Leonie’s Birthday Special] @ Electrik-Jinja, Roppongi - (Fri) 11.02.2012

”Cereal Killa”
Bringing you the best & deepest Hiphop, Soul, Funk & House music.

Cereal Killa
New & Classic ALL GENRE PARTY!!!

Cereal Killa was a dirty London club night brought to you primarily by
Spexsavers and Scruzz Funkadelic.
Now available ONCE AGAIN in Tokyo…
Cereal Killa is an event with few musical limits…
As the name denotes, we bring you a
murderous mix of musical genres to massacre your ears drums and lose
what little control you have over your limbs… the perfect way to
spend your Sunday.

Cereal Killa (Leonie’s Birthday Special)
@ Electrik神社 Jinja, 六本木 Roppongi
Tel: 03 3478 3363
Open 21:00~ Close 5:00
Address: 東京都 港区六本木5-9-22 第二千陽ビルB1
Web -http://www.facebook.com/electrik.jinja.officialFri November 2ND / 金曜日11月2日

OPEN 22:00 TILL 05:00
\2500 w. DRINK

Special Guest DJ:
DJ Monumental - http://djmonumental.com/(From NYC)


Mellow Mood Freaks:
Joleon Davenue - http://joleon.co.uk/ (From London)
Jinbo The Super Freak - http://jinbosoul.com/(From Seoul)

Andre Mcleod – http://soundcloud.com/upper-ghetto-recordings
DJ KEN-SKE - http://djkenske.blogspot.jp/
Dave Clark The III -http://soundcloud.com/dave-clark-iii
DJ Mars - http://djmarstokyo.blogspot.jp/

Hosted by Leonie

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